Reasons You Should Give Engineering A Second Thought (I’m Talking To You, Ladies)

When I meet someone new, invariably the question, “So what do you do?”, crops up. I graduated from my electrical engineering degree over a year ago, so I say “Why, I’m an engineer!”.

So, what do people think engineers do? What kind of people become engineers?

There’s many branches of engineering.

Speak to a few engineers and you might be surprised by the diversity in responses. One might be designing green star buildings, while another is managing capital infrastructure to ensure a reliable electricity supply. They might tell you about the software they’re coding to safely control a chemical plant’s operation, or assessing the technical and economic feasibility of a wind or solar thermal plant. With an engineering degree in your pocket, you could still then pick between research and development, project management, technical consulting, or developing a start-up to name a few choices. Or maybe you’ll choose to work in finance or patent law. The critical thinking engineering equips you with offers countless job options, and a diverse, exciting career. Did you know, 25% of CEOs of ASX100 companies are actually engineers? So there are more engineers in CEO positions than lawyers, accountants or any other profession.

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