What is a Power of Engineering high school Event?

We run free one-day events for Year 9 and 10 high school students (prior to subject selection) demonstrating that they have the power to change the world through engineering. These events cover all engineering disciplines and are fully funded through partnerships with universities and industry.


Events run over the length of a school day and are typically structured as follows:

Presentations from Keynote Speakers

All speakers are industry professionals who share our passion for an innovative and sustainable engineering future.

Workshop Sessions

A variety of diverse and engaging workshops demonstrate a general engineering process of problem definition, idea generation, and implementation. These activities range from building structural towers to designing a sanitary water supply, and teach key messages such as the importance of teamwork, and can even relate to global issues!

Networking Lunch

Students are provided with morning tea and lunch. Speakers and event organisers will encourage discussions with the students. This is a great time to ask questions one-on-one with your favourite engineer!

Site Tours or Industry Experience

Local construction or operation sites are explored. On-site engineers provide details of their duties and various operational equipment processes are explained.

In the case where a site tour is not available, the site comes to the classroom! Students are split into different engineering discipline teams, where roles and responsibilities are explored and finally – the students put their “hard hats” on, and help solve a real-life problem scenario!


We want to know your thoughts! Teachers and students are invited to provide feedback so we can keep making the power of engineering more powerful!

Event locations

Power of Engineering is a national organisation that holds events all over Australia! Metropolitan events are hosted by universities and students from nearby schools are invited to attend. Regional events are held within a host school, offering an exciting and engaging opportunity to uniquely design an event for the location, and directly relate the engineering topics to local industries.

Check out our Upcoming Events or let us know where you would like an event to be held to feel the power near you!