Engineering in-a-box

Adapting the signature Power of Engineering event into a real-world classroom-based activity pack that can be run anywhere in Australia, it aims to spark an initial interest in engineering by showing how engineers impact society through different disciplines, creative thinking, and collaboration.


We believe that learning about engineering should be:

  • Accessible for every student in Australia, particularly those in regional areas

  • Based on the real world; not just theoretical

  • Creative and engaging, even for students who had not previously considered engineering as a career

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What is it?

The activity pack will take a wide-scale problem with multiple engineering solutions, both physical and non-physical. Students will follow the problem through stages such as assessing the benefits of a project, managing community impact, and adapting to changes, with both the project and the specific challenges developed in partnership with industry. The activity will be delivered through a series of videos by real engineers, explaining their roles, challenges they face and how they overcome them.

To ensure it is as simple as possible for teachers to use, we will: 

  • Provide the product free of charge to schools across Australia

  • Ensure they can be reused by the school for multiple classes

  • Make them flexible in their format

  • Not require an internet connection or for students to have access to computers or table

Similarly to the Power of Engineering signature events, it is aimed at Year 9s, however it can be adapted for Years 7 to 10.

When will it be available?

The product will be developed in the first half of 2019, with a pilot roll-out in September 2019. Full roll-out is anticipated for Term 2 2020.

Would like to know more about the roll-out in 2020 or have questions? Fill out the form here.

How is it funded?

We’re incredibly excited to partner with Aspect Personnel, with their 2019 PACE sales funding the development of this project and the cost of the first 100 boxes.

PACE (an initiative by Aspect Personnel) is a not-for-profit, comprehensive study of Victoria’s natural and built environment industries. Traditionally focussed on planning, architecture, construction and engineering (PACE); the report has grown to also encapsulate surveying, business support roles, and project management. As one of the most valuable tools available for businesses operating in the built and natural environment, the 2019 PACE publication will be released in March, with all sales proceeds donated to charity partner Power of Engineering. We call on our community to get involved by anonymously sharing company-specific data, so that the team from PACE can collate, analyse, and produce practical insights and benchmark the industries.             

The report will provide data and analysis on:

  • Current state of business and industry conditions

  • Up-to-date salary information

  • New hire remuneration expectations

  • Current and predicted staff retention and turnover

  • Workplace diversity

  • Market best practice for employee perks and benefits

For more information on PACE please visit PACE Survey.